Ifakara Health Institute



The Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) is a not-for profit organisation mandated to contribute to the improvement of the health status of Tanzanian people through generating relevant information to assist individuals, householders, health practitioners, policy makers, and other stakeholders to make decisions based on scientific evidence. The long term goal of the entomological research team at IHI is to develop, evaluate and promote the delivery of malaria vector control interventions and complementary methodological tools that are affordable and effective in African settings. Currently the entomology group at IHI is one of the largest in Africa with over 20 Kenyan and Tanzanian postgraduate students publishing over a dozen papers per year.


Principal Investigator: Dr Gerry Killeen



Wp4lead Killeen MTTDr Gerry Killeen is an internationally renowned malaria transmission ecologist and programmatic vector control specialist. He has published extensively on the epidemiological implications of mosquito behavioural ecology for malaria prevention strategy and impact. 






Dr Stefan Dongus 


Mr Fredros Okumu was awarded the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Young Investigator Award in 2009 and sits on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Malaria Eradication Agenda advisory panel for young investigators. Mr Okumu is completing his PhD at LSHTM and has already published several papers on technological innovations for mosquito surveillance and control. http://www.lstmliverpool.ac.uk/research/departments/staff-profiles/stefan-dongus

Dr Sheila Ogoma 



Ms Sheila Ogoma is a medical entomologist studying the impact of spatial repellent formulations for indoor use in rural settings.  She has experience of the consumer product market and house screening and their impact upon entry by vectors of malaria and a number of neglected tropical diseases.

Dr Prosper Chaki



Dr Nicoderm Govella



Dr Christina Makungu



Dr Deo Maliti



 AvecNet PhD Candidate 


Dr Issa Lyimo 



Dr Issa Lyimo is a veterinary epidemiologist who has conducted several experimental hut trials of insecticide-based products for human public health use, notably insecticide treated nets. Dr Lyimo has a long history of collaborative association LSHTM, LSTM, IVCC and UG.