Università degli Studi di Roma “Sapienza”

University of Rome




The University of Rome “Sapienza” is the largest University in the EU. The Medical and Molecular Entomology group in the Parasitology Unit of the Department of Public Health Sciences boasts a long lasting tradition in malaria research, triggered by the pioneering work of Mario Coluzzi in the field of malaria entomology. This has allowed the development of a long-standing partnership between the Unit and several International Institutions involved in this field, strongly promoting capacity building in sub-Saharan Africa since the 1980s. Presently, the main focus of the group is the study of the speciation process ongoing within the Afrotropical An. gambiae complex, with particular reference to the major vector species, An. gambiae s.s.



Principal Investigator: Dr Alessandra della Torre



WP7_Lead Torre -MTT

Alessandra della Torre’s main research interest is the study of the speciation process ongoing within An. gambiae s.s., with particular reference to the genetic, ecological and behavioural differentiation of the M and S molecular forms she first described in 2001, and on their potential impact on malaria transmission dynamics and on the efficacy of vector control strategies. She leads the Medical Entomology group and collaborates with several malaria entomology groups operating in the Afrotropical regions, as well as in Europe and USA.




Dr Beniamino Caputo



Beniamino Caputo has a sound expertise on a wide-range of molecular, biochemical and cytogenetic laboratory approaches applied to the study of An. gambiae phenotypic, genetic and ecological differentiation, as well as in methods and strategies for field sample collections (the latter developed by contributing to field activities in The Gambia and Burkina Faso). 

Dr Marco Pombi



Marco Pombi is an experienced cytogeneticist mainly interested in studying the role of chromosomal inversion polymorphisms in the genetic and ecological differentiation of An. gambiae species and forms. He has strong expertise in planning, implementation and coordination of field collections, as well as in the analysis of associated results, largely developed in Burkina Faso in collaboration with CNFRP and IRD.