8 June 2016: AvecNet External Dissemination Event, Lowry Theatre, Salford UK

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Welcome and Introduction to AvecNet Prof Hilary Ranson, LSTM


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Session 1: The changing dynamics of insecticide resistance and tools available to track this

Chair: Dr John Gimnig, CDC. Rapporteur: Dr Jean-Phillipe David, CSRS


Introduction: Prof Hilary Ranson, LSTM

“Changes in insecticide resistance in Cote d'Ivoire, Tanzania and Burkina Faso” Dr Edi Constant, CSRS; Dr Theresia Nkya, NIMR; and Dr Hyacinthe Toe, CNRFP

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Session 2: AvecNet contribution to the evidence base for new insecticide based products

Chair: Dr Angus Spiers, Innovation to Impact. Rapporteur: Dr Rosemary Lees, LSTM/LITE


Introduction: Dr John Vontas, IMBB

“Durable wall linings, new insecticides for indoor residual spraying, spatial repellents and eave baffles” Dr Corine NGufor, LSHTM; Dr Chouaibou Mouhamadou, CSRS; Dr Shelia Ogoma, IHI, Dr Gerry Killeen IHI

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Session 3: Why Mosquito Behaviour Matters

Chair: Dr Ulrike Fillinger, KEMRI/LSHTM. Rapporteur: Dr Greg Murray, LSTM


Introduction: Dr Ale della Torre, UNIROMA

“Development of new tools to monitor mosquito behaviour and their response to control measures”  Dr Heather Ferguson UG and Dr Ale della Torre, UNIROMA

“Rationally designed vector control tools from studies on mosquito behaviour” Dr Philip McCall, LSTM

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Session 4: Community trial of Olyset Duo Net in Burkina Faso

Chair: Dr Judy Omumbo, KEMRI-Wellcome. Rapporteur: Dr Hyacinthe Toe, CNRFP


Introduction: Prof Steve Lindsay, UD

“Epidemiology and trial execution, challenges and lessons learned”

Dr Tiono Alfred, CNRFP

“Impact of Olyset Duo on mosquito populations”

Mr Nelson Grisales, LSTM and Dr Moussa Guelbeogo, CNRFP


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Session 5: Translation, access and policy issues in vector control

Chair: Ms Jo Mulligan, DFID Research Division. Rapporteur: Dr Silas Majambere, IVCC


Introduction: Dr Caroline Jones, KEMRI-Wellcome

“Importance of robust trial design, quality assurance and appropriate statistical analysis”

Dr Pie Mueller STPH

“Optimising Larval Source Management, lessons from Tanzania and Kenya”

Dr Ulrike Fillinger, KEMRI and Dr Victoria Mwakalinga, IHI

“Community Perceptions of vector control”Dr Caroline Jones, KEMRI-Wellcome

“Policy process for new vector control products” Ms Kemi Tesfazghi, LSTM

Summary: Dr Caroline Jones

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Session 6: Capacity strengthening and the future of vector control research in Africa

Chair Prof Bonfoh Bassirou (CSRS). Rapporteur Dr Josie Parker, LSTM


Introduction: Dr Gerry Killeen (IHI)

“The impact of AvecNet” Dr Eve Worrall, LSTM

 “What next? Challenges and opportunities arising from AvecNet”

Prof Hilary Ranson, LSTM


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