Posters from the AvecNet External Dissemination Event. 8 June 2016

Avecnet Posters

1 AvecNet: An African European Consortium to develop new tools and strategies to control malaria vectors. Hilary Ranson

2 Temperature, nutrition and population density during the larval stage influence the susceptibility status of adult Anopheles mosquitoes.  Henry Owusu & Pie Muller

3 Informing new or improved vector control tools for reducing malaria burden in Tanzania: exploring householder perceptions of risk and protection. Christina Makungu, et al

4 Delayed mortality effects cut the malaria transmission potential of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. Mafalda Viana et al

5 The Olyset Duo® bednet trial: an assessment of the community acceptability of these dual acting nets. M. Traore Adama et al

6 Strengthening Capacity through Research Fellowships. Eve Worrall

7 8 9 AvecNet Publications, Sharon Mullane

10 Continuation and development of AvecNet research, Eve Worrall

11 Follow on Project: MIRA 2016-2019 Improving the efficacy of malaria prevention in an insecticide resistant Africa. Natalie Lissenden

12 Follow on Project: MAL-Vec Diagnosis Management Communication – Malaria Vector Control. John Vontas

13 Follow on Project: WIN. JP David.

14 A novel video-tracking system to record behaviour of nocturnal mosquitoes attacking human hosts. Natalia Angarita-Jaimes et al

15a Mosquito Electric Trap (MET): Safe and Effective Means of Measuring Exposure to Mosquitos and their Pathogens. Heather Ferguson et al

15b MET commercialization opportunity brochure

16 17 18 Accelerating the Development of Public Health Insecticides. Hilary Ranson

19 Forewarned is forearmed: identification of insecticide resistance liability using mosquito P450. Cristina Yunta and Mark J.I. Paine

20 Phase II: West Africa Experimental Hut Studies. Chouaibou Mouhamadou