Further Fellowship success for AvecNet Scientists: Chouaibou Mouhamadou awarded Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship



Dr Chouaibou Sdidou Mouhamadou, from CSRS, Cote d’Ivoire has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship to study the role of non-insecticide agrochemicals in selecting for resistance to insecticides in malaria vectors.  This work builds on preliminary data generated by AvecNet partners CNRS and NIMR which demonstrated that exposure to agrochemicals in the larval breeding sites can result in elevated levels of insecticide resistance in adult mosquitoes.  AvecNet participants Professor Bassirou Bonfoh (CSRS), Dr Jean-Philippe David (CNRS) and Professor Hilary Ranson (LSTM) will provide scientific support and mentorship to Chouabiou throughout this fellowship, helping to consolidate the long term partnerships developed within AvecNet beyond the duration of the project.