Work Packages

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The AvecNet work plan is designed to build on the expertise of all partners, with each contributing to, and learning from, our multidisciplinary approach.

The implementation plan is divided into 10 work packages (WPs).



The different translational research areas require strong interplay and this is coordinated by a management WP1  based at LSTM. WP2 & 3 include activities to optimise existing insecticide based vector control tools.  In WP2 this includes the development of new tools to detect resistance in the field and the testing of new insecticides and formulations, provided by industrial partners, in the laboratory and the field.  WP3 focuses on optimising the delivery of insecticides, by observing the mosquito’s response to insecticide treated surfaces and by elucidating the mechanisms of absorption, transport and metabolism of insecticides in vivo. WP45 and6 involve the development and field evaluation of new tools, or improved methods of targeting existing interventions, to interrupt malaria transmission.  In WP7 the impact of behavioural changes in the human or mosquito population on the efficacy of vector control is being quantified through studies on mosquito behaviour and population structure in different ecological and epidemiological settings. WP89 &10 are cross cutting. WP8 ensures that the project remains focused on translating results into new or improved interventions. WPs9 and10 are also charged with ensuring that scientific and support staff working on AvecNet have the necessary skills base to deliver our objectives, engaging all relevant stakeholders and disseminating the results of the network.