Work Package 1: Management & Co-ordination

WP1 Team

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Work Package Leader: Professor Hilary Ranson. LSTM


To coordinate and manage all aspects of the work and implement any necessary changes to ensure the successful completion of the project.







Co-ordinate the technical activities of the project to ensure project objectives are met

Over time the AvecNet consortium has evolved. New partners have joined and budgets have changed in line with the technical direction of the project. The Project Management Office (PMO) at LSTM deals with the legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of consortium business.


Manage resources and administration

The PMO monitors expenditure against budget and deliverables to keep the project on track. It also provides support to finance staff in consortium partner institutions to assist with the annual EU finance reporting requirements.


Manage and communicate the knowledge produced by the project

The PMO organises annual meetings of the AvecNet team and ensures effective communication in between meetings.

Key meetings of all scientific partners have been held:

AvecNet Kick-Off Meeting, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,  2011

AvecNet Mid-Point Scientific Meeting, Rome, Italy, 2013

AvecNet Dissemination Event, Salford, UK, 2016

We also coordinate collaborative publications between AvecNet scientists and capture all dissemination activities9


Liaise and interface with European Commission structures and malaria vector control projects

Project partners have strong links with other consortia working on malaria vector control, for example several of the partners of the FP7 funded INFRAVEC project which is supporting infrastructure for malaria research in Europe. We are also well represented on the Roll Back Malaria, Vector Control Working Group and other WHO committees.