Work Package 8: Promoting translation and ensuring sustainability of new interventions and tools

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Work Package Leader:  Mr Dave Malone. IVCC


To ensure that all AvecNet experimental tasks are explicitly focussed on the translational pathway from the research environment to implementation and demonstrated sustainable effectiveness.







Define translational pathway for all AvecNet Work packages

AvecNet scientists identified the key translational questions facing their particular interventions or research activities. For those developing new or improved tools, guidance was provided on the development of Target Product Profiles. Our team of statisticians continue worked with all partners at the initiation of each activity to ensure that planned experiments had the necessary power to address the key questions.





Selection of candidate interventions for Randomised control trial (RCT) 


The AvecNet Management Committee selected the intervention for the large scale Randomised Controlled Trial based on a number of criteria.  Interventions considered had to be effective against pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes and sufficiently advanced in the developmental pathway to enable sale up, should the trial be successful. From this list, a combination bednet from Sumitoimo Chemicals was selected for evaluation in a clinical trial. 6



Ongoing review of new active ingredients and formulations 

IVCC has forwarded candidate molecules from its partner companies for testing on insecticide susceptible and resistant colonies of Anopheles mosquitoes maintained by LSTM.  Three companies have identified at least 12 promising areas of new chemistry to take forward for further optimization that it is hoped will lead to development of new products. The new active ingredient hits and leads are not yet at the stage where sufficient toxicity data exists to allow their use in experimental hut trials.  However, several of the new formulations (re-purposed chemistries) have shown promise and some of these are now being taken forward to experimental hut trials. 2