Work Package 9: Capacity strengthening and dissemination


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WP9 GroupWork Package Leader: Dr Pie Mueller. Swiss TPH









Short term training courses

AvecNet has delivered short term training courses in: Health research ethics, Social research methods, Analysis and interpretation of qualitative data, Quantitative analysis. Intensive statistical support has been provided remotely and through a series of site visits to partner institutions by the AvecNet statistical support team. Further training courses are planned on data management, epidemiology and scientific writing, however as courses are demand led this programme may change depending on the needs of AvecNet scientists.


Quality assurance

Workshops on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Experimental Practice (GEP) and Quality assurance (QA) have been held in Cote d’Ivoire and Tanzania.    The QA course taught participants how to develop and implement study and study-related documentation in compliance with GEP/GLP guidelines and provided a trial run in conducting and reporting on an experimental hut study using an IRS application in accordance with these standards. This included developing and implementing study-related SOPs and associated documentation which have been made available . This training is the first of its kind in Africa and has been welcomed by all participants and the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES).



Long term professional development

Expertise in translational and applied aspects of vector biology requires strengthening in many of the partner institutes, and this need is particularly acute in Africa.  AvecNet has provided  PhD fellowships to six gifted students, five of whom are African nationals.  In most cases, the AvecNet PhD candidates are jointly supervised by two institutions, one in Africa and one in Europe. In order to promote networking, and to provide access to specialized equipment frequently lacking in African institutions, the candidates spend time in more than one partner institution. This mobility is an important point of the training programme. Full details of AvecNet PhD candidates can be found here .

As the PhD candidates and post doctoral scientists working on AvecNet reach the end of their planned involvement the AvecNet Management Committee and senior scientists are actively pursuing further funding to support the scientists in the next stage of their careers. The following have all been successful in obtaining Wellcome Trust Fellowships, building on data generated by AvecNet.

Fredros Okumu (IHI): Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship sponsored by IHI and UG

Nico Govella (IHI): Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship sponsored by IHI and UG

Antoine Sanou (CNRFP): Wellcome Trust Masters Training Fellowship sponsored by CNRFP and LSTM

Emmanuel Kaindoa (IHI): Wellcome Trust Masters Training Fellowship sponsored by LSTM and IHI




AvecNet aims to disseminate its findings through:

  • Publication of articles in peer reviewed journals 
  • Publication of news are articles in general print and electronic media
  • An AvecNet newsletter .
  • Presentations at major international conferences
  • Active participation in major policy networks at country, regional and global level
  • The project website - All news, publications & downloads are available here



Publications & Outputs

O. Tesfazghi, A. Traore, H. Ranson, S. N'Fale, J. Hill, E. Worrall. Challenges and opportunities associated with the introduction of next-generation long-lasting insecticidal nets for malaria control: a case study from Burkina Faso. Implementation Science 2016 11:103

O. Tesfazghi, J. Hill, C. Jones, H. Ranson, E. Worrall. National malaria vector control policy: an analysis of the decision to scale-up larviciding in Nigeria. Health Policy and Planning 2015 1-11

P. C. D. Johnson; S. J. E. Barry; H. M. Ferguson and P. Müller. Power analysis for generalized linear mixed models in ecology and evolution. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, December 2014